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The procedure of regrooving a tire tread begins with the removal of the rubber from beneath the tread. This implies you can increase the depth of grooves that have been altered by the mileage of the tyre. This is a procedure that permits the tread’s original form and depth to be restored. Regrooving a tyre can restore tread depths of 6 to 8 mm. The first step is to remove the 2-4 millimeters of rubber beneath the tread.
The technique can only be carried out on tyres that have been developed for regrooval.
How can you tell if a tyre can be regrooved?

Regrooving necessitates the use of a particular tyre. The carcass of the tyre must be sturdy enough to survive the alterations while remaining stiff even at higher speeds. The profile of the tyre will be more stable while driving thanks to a carefully developed carcass.
What is the significance of this?

Any damage to the tread’s surface could allow air or water to enter the tyre. As a result, a tyre like that would quickly wear out. Riding on a tyre like that, especially if you regrooved it, could be dangerous.
What should you bear in mind when regrooving your tyre tread?
There are two points to consider:

  1. Heating power
  2. Doing it permanently

By selecting the appropriate heating strength, you can ensure that the cuts will not become excessively hot. What is the significance of this? Too hot cuts, on the other hand, can harm the rubber.
What’s the deal with Treaddoctor?

The Tread Doctor is a knobby cutting tool with a heated carbide cutting blade specially built for it. Your old worn tire will provide new traction and additional power. The Tread Doctor Sniper Kit is offered as an add-on for more effective grooving.

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