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As the authorized distributer of Hardline Products® Tread Doctor ™, we are pleased to serve a variety of your Tread Doctor needs across Australia, covering major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. We thrive on providing an excellent customer experience to make sure that you always get the most from your interactions with us.

Our featured products which comes  with  more than 25 years of Hardline Product standards will guarantee your satisfaction. Restoration of your old Tread Doctor is made easy with the Tread Doctor Replacement Blade which has a brand new carbide cutting blade. Want to enhance the performance of your Tread Doctor as a sniping tool? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! With the Tread Doctor Sniper Kit, you’ll enable the Tread Doctor with the Tire Sniping ability. Also sold separately as Tread Doctor Sniper Head and Tread Doctor Sniper Blades.

What is Tread Doctor?

The Tread Doctor is a knobby cutting tool that uses a specially designed heated carbide cutting  blade. You will get new traction and more juice from your old worn tire. As an enhancement, the Tread Doctor Sniper Kit is available for effective grooving.


There are two ways that Tread Doctor can be used with your tires. As a knobby cutting tool, it can be used on worn tires which has round-edged or uneven edged knobs. With the heated carbide blade, thin layers of the knobs can be sliced off making the knobs have edges with 90 degree angles. A controlled scooping motion is advised for this process with gloves worn on. A key thing to consider is, knob flex could happen if the removed knob slices are considerably thicker. 

As per the other type of usage. The Tread Doctor Sniper Kit can be used for tire siping. It doesn’t matter whether the tire is old or new, with the Sniper Kit knobs can be sharpened making a custom knobby design which could potentially improve the traction. Recommended for Flat track, Enduro and Motocross.


Hard or intermediate-to-hard terrain tires, especially ones with reinforced knobs with bridges, are the easiest tires to slice or groove. Grooves provide extra edges for acceleration and braking. Instead of shaving the edge of the knob vertically, cut a groove into the contact patch of the center knobs with horizontal grooves and sipe the transitional knobs with 45-degree grooves from corner to corner. Don’t groove the side knobs. For MXA’s tastes, grooving is a better alternative than vertical cutting.


Having a heated carbide cutting blade, Tread Doctor doesn’t cut as much as it melts the rubber. So it is essential to make sure it’s properly heated. The Tread Doctor Sniper kit is held like a knife and with the depth stop resting on top of the knob, you apply pressure as the horseshoe-shaped blade begins to melt the rubber. When pressure is applied against the knob, the hot blade cuts through the knob like a knife cuts through butter.

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