Our vision is to provide our customers with the best products and outstanding service. We are proud to have a genuine customer base across whole Australia, covering major cities as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. We have a strong policy with customer satisfaction and we are always available to solve any issues that you face with orders and also with the products as well. Please refer our Warranty and Returns page for more details regarding warranty claim process.

Sometime back we discovered that there was a increasing demand for quality power-sport accessories in Australia. In order to fill this void we decided to partner with one of the leading power-sports brands in the world, Hardline Products. Now we are the leading and the authorized dealer of Hardline Products® Tread Doctor™, here in Australia.

Currently we provide most of tire related services related to Mortorcycle tires such as tire grooving, tire cutting and tire siping with our featured products. Tread Doctor and Tread Doctor Sniper Kit are the go-to products that we highly recommend. We are planning to expand our services with new featured products and services in the near future to further fulfill your power-sports requirements.

As our backbone, we value our partnership with Hardline Products and it’s our duty to mention about their long and dedicated journey towards success. Hardline Products opened in 1992 by Kevin Schulte. “I grew up riding and racing in Michigan and later California. I started Hardline Products because I was in the dealership almost weekly getting parts for my street/dirt motorcycles and Jet Ski. I saw a need in the market-place for better quality items. I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I manufactured it myself. I drew upon my experience of working in a M/C dealership when I was younger but balanced it with the needs of a customer who rides and jet-ski’s.” Within a few years, the company had all the major aftermarket distributors purchasing Hardline Products for distribution in America. Every item we make dominates the segment because of our quality, availability and value.

Today, Hardline Products remains a family owned and operated business. Our employees are parents that enjoy active power-sport and marine lifestyles. Through the guidance of our Original Equipment relationships (OEM) and the feedback from our dealers, customers and employee’s, we continue to fine tune our product assortment. We utilize the best production technologies as well as not forgetting some “old-school” basics.

The continuous experiences we gain through years, the vision of our partner Hardline Products and the feedbacks of our valuable customers will give us the strength to provide the products of finest quality with exceptional customer service for years to come. 

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