• What are tyre treads?

    The rubber circumference of a tyre that comes into contact with the ground or road is known as a tyre tread or track. Furthermore, the term “tyre treads” is casually used to refer to the grooves that are molded into the rubber of tyres in various patterns. Technically, these grooves are known as the “tread pattern” of a tyre. Simply put, grooves aren’t the tread, they are simply located in it.

    The primary purpose of “tyre treads” or grooves is to provide traction. Worn-out tyres fail to provide safe levels of traction for vehicles since their treads or technically speaking, grooves don’t have enough depth. Such tyres need to be either retreaded or replaced for the proper functioning of vehicles and the safety of passengers.

  • Why are tyre treads important?

    The grooves located on the tread of tyres, casually referred to as tire treads create traction between the tyre and the surface it’s in contact with. Tyre treads control traction by determining the ratio between rubber and air space between the tyre and the road surface. Furthermore, they affect the level of noise generated by tyres.

    Just as different vehicles are used for different purposes, different tyre treads or grooves are used to achieve different performance goals. They are used to optimize the cornering ability of vehicles, improve acceleration, the reliability of braking, and enhance fuel economy of vehicles.

  • How does tyre retreading work?

    When a tyre sustains some wear but still has enough rubber on it to be safe for driving, retreading or regrooving tyres can prolong its lifespan and delay the need for a replacement. Retreading tyres, therefore, provide a highly economical and environmentally-friendly option for vehicle owners. Different retreading methods exist. Some retreading methods completely revamp tyres by replacing the worn-out tread with a renewed tread as well as the sidewall rubber while others simply focus on sharpening grooves and groove patterns.

  • Is tyre regrooving and retreading safe?

    There are many myths surrounding the safety of regrooving tyres and most of them are outdated. Tyre retreading technology has taken massive strides over the last few decades where millions of vehicles around the world, even some school bus fleets running on retreaded tires. Retreaded tyres are usually safe for use provided that they are structurally sound for retreading and the tyres are originally manufactured using high-quality rubber compounds.

    When it comes to regrooving tyres with the Tread Doctor tyre groover, you simply need to ensure that there is enough rubber left on the knob tyres for trimming and grooving. Generally, a tyre can be safely trimmed or carved using Tread Doctor Knobby Cutting Tool up to three times.

    You can learn more about knobby cutting and tyre regrooving here.

  • What is knobby cutting?

    Tread Doctor Tyre Regroover enables you to trim and cut worn-out knobby tyres that still have enough rubber for safe and effective use. It’s a method that is popular among motorsport enthusiasts who use knobby tyres and experiment with custom tread patterns for flat track, Enduro, and motocross. The result is a tyre that is as good as new for the fraction of the cost of a replacement. Tyres can be trimmed and grooved up to three times using the Tread Doctor tire groover while also allowing you to experiment with custom tread patterns for different conditions.

  • What’s Tread Doctor Tyre Cutting Tool for?

    Tread Doctor Knobby Cutting Tool for Australia and New Zealand is a product that has been developed by Hardline Products® Inc. which is a company founded and run by motorsport enthusiasts. Tread Doctor enables motorsport enthusiasts to cut new edges and grooves into their worn-out knobby tyres to prolong their use while enjoying good-as-new performance levels. The simple do-it-yourself tool ensures that you enjoy the same traction, performance, and safety of brand-new tires with your worn-out knobby tires. Tread Doctor is easy to use and master so you can quickly learn how to trim your knobby tyres efficiently by removing a minimum amount of rubber.

    You can use the Tread Doctor Tire Groover on any knobby tyre that is used for motocross, trail, Enduro, racing, and ATV/UTV. Furthermore, it can be used on any brand of motorcycle tyres. While Tread Doctor Tyre Regroover pays for itself with your very first cut, it can be used to cut the same knobby tyre up to three times. It’s also perfect for motorsport enthusiasts who often fine-tune their knobby tyres for different conditions and terrain.

  • What to consider when buying a tyre cutting machine?

    A great tyre grooving tool should be easy-to-use and master, durable, and reliable. Tread Doctor has been carefully developed by Hardline Products® Inc. with the needs of enthusiasts in mind. It enables motorsport enthusiasts to efficiently and effectively cut, carve, and trim worn-out knobs so that their tyres offer optimal performance and safety for every ride.

    Cost is another important factor that you should consider. One of the main benefits of knobby cutting or retreading is that it helps you save money by extending the lifespan of tyres. However, the tools and parts that you purchase for knobby cutting should be much cheaper than replacing tyres for you to make savings. Tread Doctor tools and accessories are cost-effective and you can easily cover their cost with the first use on your worn-out tyres.

    Just as tyres wear out, your tyre cutting machine go through wear and tear. As a result, you should consider the durability of the tools that you buy. All Tread Doctor products are covered by a minimum 12-month back-to-base warranty. You can learn about our warranty and return policy here. Still want to weigh your options? Check out our blog post about the pros and cons of cutting and regrooving tyres.

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