The ultimate guide on how to groove Enduro mountain bike tyre

How to groove Enduro mountain bike tyre with Tread Doctor

If you desire a more adventurous type of mountain bike riding, Enduro (also known as all-mountain) is the way to go. If you really think about using the Enduro bike tyres for a longer period, of course, you can try out the tyre grooving in order to save some bucks. Before that, you should grab a sound idea about how to groove Enduro mountain bike tyre correctly.

Here’s the deal:

In order to groove your Enduro bike tyre, you need to grab the handy gadget, Tread Doctor. Of course, Tread Doctor is a must-have gadget for each and every Enduro bike rider.

You might be wondering:

The Tread Doctor is a knobby cutting tool that uses a specially designed heated carbide cutting blade. You will get fresh traction from your old worn tire. The Tread Doctor Sniper Kit is available for effective grooving.

Want to know the best part?

By using Tread Doctor, you can save some bucks as you can use your worn tyre again for a considerable time.

Not only that but also you contribute to lessening the environmental pollution. If you have the potential for enhancing the productive lifetime of any product, that means you really save the environment.

So, here we are going to unveil how to use Tread Doctor for grooving Enduro bike tyres in detail.

How to groove Enduro mountain bike tyre with Tread Doctor?

  • There are two specific ways Tread Doctor can use Enduro bike tyres.
  • You can use the knobby cutting tool, Tread Doctor on worn tires which have round-edged or uneven edged knobs.
  •  Using the heated carbide blade, thin layers of the knobs can slice off, making the knobs have edges with 90-degree angles.
  • It is possible to use the Tread Doctor Sniper Kit for Enduro bike tire siping.
  • It does not matter whether the tire is old or new. With the Sniper Kit, it is possible to sharpen the knobs, making a custom knobby design that could improve traction.

Use Tread Doctor Knobby Cutting Tool For Enduro Mountain Bike Tyre

  • Tread Doctor Knobby Cutting Tool New Traction on Worn Enduro mountain bike tyre.
  • This tool cuts edges into the flat and worn out knobby bike tires.
  • You have to refresh the front or rear tire before installing a new one.
  • This tool extends the tire’s life and offers optimal tire performance throughout the life of the tires.
  • There’s a specially designed heated carbide cutting blade to trim the knobby tires. This tool offers new traction for every ride!
  •  You can easily cut the minimal amount of rubber off your Enduro bike tyre each time to get a new edge with a little practice.
  • This tool extends the tires’ life and offers you maximum traction for every ride.

Tips for using Tread Doctor Knobby Cutting Tool

Make sure the tool is heated correctly. The recommended heating time is 20 minutes. Always remember to keep Tread Doctor on the supplied stand when plugged in for heating. Even though Tread Doctor has a good grip with heat-resistant material, gloves are better to prevent unwanted burns.

The critical thing to remember when cutting with a tread doctor is that having a heated carbide blade does not cut as much as it melts rubber. So the way to use it is to hold the Tread Doctor as a knife but firmly apply pressure on it without cutting. The heated carbide blade will cut and slide through the rubber-like a knife cutting through butter. If Tread Doctor is not heated up properly, it would need some additional stress to cut the rubber. If that happens, you have to heat up the Tread Doctor for a little longer, and you can try again, or you can even use a sliding back and forth motion slowly, similar to a knife for knobby cutting.


  • Adds Tire Sniping ability to your Enduro bike tyres.
  • This tool is perfect for Flat track, Enduro, and Motocross tyres.

What’s Tread Doctor Tyre Cutting Tool Used for?

  • Tread Doctor allows cutting new edges and grooves into their worn-out knobby tyres to prolong their use while enjoying good-as-new performance levels to your enduro mountain bike tyre.
  • This tool assures the same traction, performance, and safety of brand-new tires as worn-out knobby tires.
  • Tread Doctor is easy to use; therefore, you can easily learn to efficiently trim your Enduro mountain bike’s knobby tyres by removing just a tiny amount of rubber from the tyre.
  • Moreover, Tread Doctor Tire Groover can use on any brand of motorcycle tyres.
  • While Tread Doctor Tyre Regroover pays for itself with your very first cut, it can use to cut the exact knobby tyre up to three times.

How to use Tread Doctor tools safe? – How to groove Enduro mountain bike tyre with Tread Doctor?

When regrooving Enduro mountain bike tyres with the Tread Doctor tyre groover, you simply need to ensure enough rubber is left on the knob tyres for trimming and grooving. Typically, a tyre can be safely cut or carved using the Tread Doctor Knobby Cutting Tool up to three times.

Want to know the best part?

Benefits of Cutting and Regrooving Tyres for your Enduro mountain bike

Tread Doctor is full of safety measures

Tyre cutting and regrooving offer worn-out tyres, sharper knobs and more defined and effective tread patterns, resulting in better handling, braking, and control of your enduro mountain bike and terrain.

It improves traction

Sharper knobs and high-performing treads allow your old enduro mountain bike tyres to perform as if they were brand new.

Provides better Braking and Cornering

Tyre cutting and regrooving can help you to enjoy high levels of braking and cornering throughout the lifespan of your enduro mountain bike tyres.

To sum up…

The more these Cutting and Regrooving Tyrestyres wear, the more the knobs of your enduro mountain bike tyre get rounded at the edges. Usually, this requires more grooving to get that 90-degree angled edges back again, which improves traction. More grooving needs more time and effort to get it correctly done. It Is more beneficial for you to use it before the tyre starts to wear too much. Furthermore, If used at the correct time, you will be able to get at least two different tire lives for your enduro mountain bike at the maximum out of your old tyre.

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