Tire regrooving is re-grooming

Tire regrooving is re-grooming

The primary roles of a vehicle’s tires are to support a vehicle’s weight, transmit traction and braking forces to the road surface, absorb road shocks, and adjust and maintain the vehicle’s direction of movement. To ensure that all these functions are being met efficiently, you must inspect the tread depth, wear, air pressure, and any damage or symptoms of deterioration on each of your vehicle’s tires on a regular basis.

The benefits of regrooving a fresh tire are both performance and cost. Regrooving can improve tire performance by allowing water to escape from beneath the tire. Some of the lateral grooves that have worn away near the end of the tire’s life can be restored by regrooving. This creates fresh biting edges and improves grip.
These regrooving doesn’t need an expert or a fancy workshop. But all you need is a proper tool that can do the needful. Which is why tread doctor is there for. The Tread Doctor is a knobby cutting tool with a heated carbide cutting blade specially built for it. Your old and worn tire will provide new traction and additional power. The Tread Doctor Sniper Kit is offered as an add-on for more effective grooving.

We are glad to provide a variety of your Tread Doctor needs in Australia, covering key cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth as the authorized distributor of Hardline Products® Tread Doctor TM. We strive to provide an outstanding customer experience so that you get the most out of your contacts with us.

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